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vSCG installation

New Contributor
Good afternoon, I have a license for a vSCG, I have downloaded the software and to install it it is required to do it on a hypervisor. I have installed the vmware workstation and in it the vmware vsphere esxi 7.0, also the vsphere web client. the problem is that the vsphere web client does not connect to the esxi to be able to create the virtual machine with the vSCG. Can I install the vSCG directly on a virtual machine created on the vmware workstation? If so, will it work correctly?

Contributor III

Vscg is a pretty heavy VM.  Its not supported on vmware workstation -although it might work-. But definitely would do it for a production system. For la live / real deployment you need esxi on bare metal. Not as a nested VM. 

then it can be implemented in the vsphere esxi? the esxi I have it in vmware workstation

Esxi Is meant to run as the base operating system in a server. You can try to run vscg directly on vmware workstation without esxi on the middle but the instructions might not be available or match. 

If you have a window pc / laptop running windows pro you can try hyperv which is officially supported. But if it's your desktop or laptop don't use this for production traffic. You should ask your ruckus partner for help if you don't have a virtualization farm or at least a set of hypervisors at your disposal. 

perfect, thank you very much.