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vSCG Wispr Hotspot Login Post Back

New Contributor II
Attempting to integrate the SCG Hotspot with our current Web Authentication portal. Followed the "Hotspot Portal Integration Reference Guide." Page 9 of the document outlines the Request Format to the NBI of the SCG's management interface and page 10 explains the request password that is required with each JSON request. Configured the WISPR Logon URL to point to external Web Server and configured NBI password. Attempted serveral times with many url and port variations to authenticate a client with an external login portal with no success or indication of attempted requests from the SCG Subscriber Portal log messages. Would appreciate clarification on how to post authentication requests to the SCG from an external Webserver.


New Contributor II
Additional information:

Sending a POST request to http:scg_ip:9080/Portalintf.

Looks like the request hits the vscg but responds with a 400 internal server error.

Looking at the CaptivePoral logs, I get these errors:

2014-09-17 15:44:05,173 CaptivePortal[blackListScheduler-2] DEBUG c.r.w.c.p.HostVerifier - Forbidden hosts:
2014-09-17 15:44:05,173 CaptivePortal[blackListScheduler-2] DEBUG c.r.w.c.p.HostVerifier - updateHostSet, portalMap: {}

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Did you ever figure this out? I am having a similar issue. Following the Hotspot setup guide and nothing seems to respond to our App the way its described.

New Contributor II
Jason, Yes we did eventually figure this out but we are now using the vSCG 3.0.3.x where the API calls are much improved.   If you are still having issues let me know and I will post some code samples (C#).  I posted this such a long time ago I just can't recall what the solution was. 

Is it possible if you posted your code? We are doing something very similar.