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unregistering R610 AP from ZM100

New Contributor II
Hello guys,

This is something that's i little bit confusing for me, since i'm new to the ruckus world.
Have a zomemaster 100  as controller 
and about 200 R610 , R7X00 series APs on different vlans.
But here's one thing that i don't quite understand:

i did change my controller IP and of course all APs went offline.
Then i did tryied hard resetting 2 or 3 APs in order to manually ssh to them 
and register using SET SCG IP XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX
but surprise all APs are blocked, not even a hard reset allow me to access any AP http or ssh
port either with default credentials or my controller credentials.

if i put back ip controller to it's original IP, all controllers got online again, but i really need to change my controller ip and register all AP to the new IP.

So reset doesn't work on this type of scenarios?
how can i access an AP ssh or http console in order to change config, set static ip or unregister/register to a different controller ?

RUCKUS Team Member
Hello Marco,

set scg ip is just for SZ (Smart Zone) discovery.  Once the AP has discovered the SZ and has been provisioned the IP's will be stored in the AP and cannot be changed just by entering a new IP

To make the AP "forget" the current SZ list you first need to run the command:
set scg init

This will reboot the AP and then you should be able to use the set scg ip

I hope this command helps,

I see, but i can't ssh to any access point after registration 
port 22 is open and listening on each AP, but credentials are not working.

New Contributor
If you want access to the SSH or HTTPS on the access point you will need to factory reset the access point. You will need to hold the reset button down for 10 seconds. and then you can use the set scg ip command to point your access points at the controller.

I was thinking exactly the same , but surprise it does not work like that.
at least with all R610 that i currently have.
did try a hard reset pressing reset for around one minute just to be totally sure and nope, reset is useless.