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is it possible using ssh to update certificate remotely?

New Contributor

I'm using Let's Encrypt to apply my SSL certificate for my VSZ and I'm wondering is it possible to use ssh to update the certificate remotely?
I'm using the web interface to update this now, but for Let's Encrypt it should renew every 3 months. So I want to write a bash script to auto-renew the cert then apply to VSZ.
any idea?



Contributor III

I've been looking at the same issue and so far, I've only found it possible to do so via APIs. Doable but far from ideal.

Either of you find anything within the vSZ CLI guide? Let me ask a few folks internally and see what I can find out. That's an interesting idea, but the API piece would absolutely work.

I did. It has a command called "cert-store". It can handle the certificate to update or upload the new one from the FTP URL. But the problem is it seems no way can ssh to the VSZ to execute this kind of command.