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how do i delete a member from a Cluster on SZ100 in new GUI (3.5.1) or CLI?

how do i delete a member from a Cluster on SZ100 in GUI (3.5.1) or CLI?

Of course, Sanjay, I had done the factory reset before wizzard.
Yes, I will try to add the new SZ-100 to the existing Cluster.

The limitation in my LAN: I can not give new ip address to new SZ100.
The wizzard possible only with the same ip address with old failover SZ100 which will be switching off.

I just want to understand clearly what should I do whith failover ControlPlane.

Hi Alexey,

Then you can delete the existing Failover (which will be switching off) and then add the new SZ-100 with the same IP of the previous removed SZ-100..

Sanjay Kumar

Thank you, Sanjay, I will try to do it in next monday by CLI. It seems GUI (3.5.1) does not work this function, I will wait for Phil C.answer why.

SZ-104_3. It works. 
Here is short How_2_Do for RMA change one SZ-104 in working cluster:
1.Make sw versions equal in the RMA, Leader & Failover SZs.
2.Swith off "failover" SZ (which is "bad" and need 2 be removed) from cluster by CLI in the leader ((config)# no control-plane ). Wait several minutes to dissappoint the removed SZ in Leader GUI (page "system"/"cluster").
3.Now switch off "bad" failover SZ from network by power or/and links.
4.Plug on the new RMA SZ whith patch of "bad" failover SZ instead the "bad" failover SZ.
5.Wizzard new RMA SZ with the same tunes of "bad" failover SZ (include ip address).

Wizzard by console.