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how do i delete a member from a Cluster on SZ100 in new GUI (3.5.1) or CLI?

how do i delete a member from a Cluster on SZ100 in GUI (3.5.1) or CLI?

I'll test check in my lab.

here it is:
Image_ images_messages_5f91c497135b77e247b02750_ee81b1afa6e43d63e12fa042d81fdd6d_RackMultipart201911281021911tg-ba2eeb2f-b600-4dc7-8d1d-4ad69cc9644c-131184945.PNG1574952970

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Alexey,

You can also delete the Follower from the CLI (On Leader) as below:

SZ-100Leader# show cluster-state (to get the Follower node name)
SZ-100Leader# config
SZ-100Leader(config)# no control-plane  

I haven't checked this in 3.5.1 version, but tested on later releases.

Sanjay Kumar

So, if I will demontage the failover SZ100 for change it on the NEW one (New RMA SZ100 whould be wizzard whith the same tunes to join to exist cluster), should I delete the Follower from Cluster BEFORE switching off old SZ100?

Hi Alexey, If I understand correctly, you are trying to add the SZ-100 to a new Cluster. If yes, then you will be doing a factory reset before joining it to a new Cluster.