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could I configure eap request timeout?

Valued Contributor
In customer site with SZ100, I have met eap timeout problem due to not send eap reponse from supplicant to AP.

I don't know exactly a cause still.

But Standalone ap is working good.

I want to extend eap timeout value.

Could I do it on SZ100?

Valued Contributor
Anyone know about this?

Esteemed Contributor II
I found one article, with instructions for the AP CLI.  You might need to do this on each one, or create a script...

The Resolution is to extend the default EAP timeout values by AP CLI command, for the 802.1x WLAN, ie wlan4.

rkscli: set cryptodef wlan4 wpa eap supptimeout 10
rkscli: set encryption wlan4 update

rkscli: set cryptodef wlan36 wpa eap supptimeout 10
rkscli: set encryption wlan36 update

When we increase the supplicant timeout to 10 seconds or more it fixed the issue. 
Increase the timeout as required.

Valued Contributor
Wow. Thanks a lot.

I'll try it to resolve on Site.