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access point broadcasting out of date SSIDs

New Contributor III

I have been broadcating an SSID for a long time. At first it was protected via WPA2, then some letters that have been capitals are now small. Now I went back to the same SSID but with no password authentication. I have noticed some access points broadcasting these 3 SSIDs in the same time.

What would be the solution for them to erase old SSIDs from their configuration?

Contributor II
How do you verify that the AP's broadcast those old SSID's?Are they listed on the AP details page?

If it's only a client 'seeing' them, then it's common that some clients remember old SSID's based on BSSID (MAC of AP) for some time.

New Contributor III
Hi Jakob,

Thank you for the reply,

It appears on the phone with a strong signal, you can connect to it too.


Are these Solo/Standalone mode APs, and maybe you forgot to reconfigure one/some of them with the new SSID?

They are all managed by a SmartZone 100.