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ZoneDirector to SmartCell Gateway 3.0.3 Migration: Features Matrix.

New Contributor III
In the vSCG Carrier Administrator Guide, pag 46, is  refering to the title ZoneDirector to SmartCell Gateway 3.0.3 Migration: Features Matrix., but no more information is given in this guide about the important topic.

Please, Do you have this matrix updated for the version 3.0.3? 

How about the DPSK feature?

Thanks in advanced

Valued Contributor II
DPSK isn't supported by vSCG v.3.0.3. You also don't  have application visibility info as in ZD. There are some more small limitations here and there, it comes with scalability and not so often version upgrades (which is also related to scalability - you don't want to upgrade carrier solution every month).
Hope it helps.

Valued Contributor II
I also want to add that there are many limitations in monitoring view. For example, table Current WLAN users in monitoring view looks very similar to what we have in ZD, but it is not possible to sort it by different columns, as you can do it in ZD (probably because of scalability it is unpractical feature). There are other limitations in statistics you can see (probably because of the same reason).
So it probably makes sense to use some external tool to work with statistical data (for big networks Ruckus has SCI solution, but for small networks it is too costly).