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ZD to VSz Migration (Legacy APs)

New Contributor II


I am caught in a situation where I needed some ideas, 

We have upgraded the VSZ from 3.6 to 5.2,

We are also in the midst of migrating legacy APs (R700) from the ZD and adding new APs (R650) into the VSZ.

Is there anyway when using the ZD migration tool, to specify which firmware the ZD AP can use?

Current issue, is that the ZD Migration keeps forcing the 5.2 firmware on the R700 which will end up failing. We need the ZD Migration to use the 3.6 firmware for the ZD R700.


Hi David,

It's 100% possible to adopt legacy APs on to a 3.6.2 Zone on to a controller that has only ever had 5.x installed; by uploading the 3.6.2. AP FW patch.

This is how it's possible to run SZ-144 with legacy APs, as SZ-144 minimum controller firmware is 5.2.1.


Now that is great news!  Apparently when the 144 came out, that forced the creation of the patch.  I'm glad to learn this.  Now we can retire our "old way" of upgrading.    

Hell, Darrel, I looked on download area and don't see mentioned 3.6.2 AP FW patch for SZ144 or vSZ.

Can you point to download link for this patch?

It would be very convenient to be able to implement older AP support without going through v.3.6.2 installation before upgrading to 5.2.1.  For now we always use additional 3.6.2 installation for migration and install/upgrade routine for new vSZ installation, when we need to support zones with legacy APs.

New Contributor II


I think I might have figured out how to do this.

1. Setup another VSz base on version 3.62, 

2. Use the AP migration tool to migrate the legacy APs over

3. On the Vsz 3.62, use the switchover cluster function to move the legacy zone (which contains the legacy APs) to the upgraded VSz 5.2

I will try this at the next opportunity.