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ZD to VSz Migration (Legacy APs)

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I am caught in a situation where I needed some ideas, 

We have upgraded the VSZ from 3.6 to 5.2,

We are also in the midst of migrating legacy APs (R700) from the ZD and adding new APs (R650) into the VSZ.

Is there anyway when using the ZD migration tool, to specify which firmware the ZD AP can use?

Current issue, is that the ZD Migration keeps forcing the 5.2 firmware on the R700 which will end up failing. We need the ZD Migration to use the 3.6 firmware for the ZD R700.


Actually I am thinking of extracting the migration script from the 3 62 vsz and copy it into the 5 2 vsz.

I do not know if this will work, and I do not know how to extract the script. 

I don't think you can do it. You can make and run your own script (without vSZ), but it doesn't make much sense, easier will be install 3.6.2 and use it.


Do you mean to say that I setup another vsz 3.62, migrate the APs over from ZD, and then shut down the 3.62 vsz, 

in the situation as such it will automatically look for the vsz 5.2 and join it?


shut down the 5.2 first, setup 3.62 using the same IP address, migrate the AP from ZD AP to vsz 3.6, shut down the VSZ3.6 and bring up vsz 5.2, the APs will attempt to join the 5.2

No, not at all.

On your vSZ running 5.x you need to configure an AP zone that is running 3.6.2 firmware. You can do this if your vSZ was originally built from 3.6.2 or by uploading the 3.6.2 AP patch to a vSZ that was originally built from 5.x.

Then you need to create an AP registration rule on the vSZ to point any new APs of the R700 model type/IP/subnet (there are various methods to differentiate how the AP is identified and what the subsequent rules are) to the Zone that has 3.6.2. firmware configured.  That way the AP will be adopted straight in to the 3.6.2. firmware zone with no issues.

This might help explain further:

Hope that helps,

Contributor III

I'm not sure if you created and locked a 3.6.2 zone before upgrading the vSZ to 5.2, but if you didn't do that, I don't think you will ever get the APs migrated.    We've been migrating ZD environments for years and we still do it the same way we did several years ago.  There may be better tools now, but our way always works and we've never bothered to change it.  Our process would be to install a vSZ that has native support for the older AP model (3.6.2 in your case).  Migrate the APs from the ZD to the vSZ.  Prior to upgrading the vSZ from 3.6.2 to a version that no longer supports the older APs, segregate the unsupported models in a new zone and lock the AP code for that zone.  Other APs that are natively supported by the upgrade version can be left in the default (or whatever) zone.  Now you can upgrade the vSZ to the new version and everything will work.   Maybe it's changed, but as far as I know if you fail to segregate the older models into a new zone and lock the AP code prior to upgrading, the older models will never work and there is no way to recover (other than unwind and start over).