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ZD to VSz Migration (Legacy APs)

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I am caught in a situation where I needed some ideas, 

We have upgraded the VSZ from 3.6 to 5.2,

We are also in the midst of migrating legacy APs (R700) from the ZD and adding new APs (R650) into the VSZ.

Is there anyway when using the ZD migration tool, to specify which firmware the ZD AP can use?

Current issue, is that the ZD Migration keeps forcing the 5.2 firmware on the R700 which will end up failing. We need the ZD Migration to use the 3.6 firmware for the ZD R700.


Valued Contributor

Hi Johnny,

Have you tried implementing AP registration rules on the SmartZone? Effectively to point any legacy AP at your 3.6.2 Zone.

Hope that helps,


Yes... this has been done, but this is in the situation of joining a "new" legacy ap to the VSZ,

What I am facing now is that I have hundreds of legacy APs managed by zone director, and I need to use the the AP migration tool in the VSZ to migrate over the legacy APs.

Hi Johnny,

The AP registration rules are to help exactly with as you describe - when a 'new' AP (an AP the SZ has never 'seen' before) tries to join - based on certain criteria, the SZ will ensure the AP is pushed to a specific zone (in your case a 3.6.2. FW zone), rather than landing in the 'staging zone' and being rejected due to incompatible firmware.

Unfortunately I have not run through the above configuration in tandem with the ZoneDirector migration tool.  Therefore I would recommend you raise a ticket with Ruckus support for further assistance on this specific challenge.


I suppose issue is related with fact that script converting ZD AP to vSZ is using latest firmware --  to move APs from ZD APs are reset to factory twice, before and after installing vSZ firmware,  and this will obviously not work in this case. Just joining new AP is different process, new APs are not upgraded to vSZ firmware until moved from staging zone  to any other.

But you can install temporary vSZ cluster version 3.6.2 (2 nodes = 10 temporary licenses), migrate APs to it, and than move APs to main cluster. You don't need much AP licenses on temporary cluster  -- it's enough to use 10 temporary licenses to get APs converted, as they may stay in staging zone.Than you can move them to main vSZ (shutting down temporary cluster and using DHCP or DNS to set vSZ IP).

As there will be no ZD migration involved in moving APs to vSZ v.5.x, APs will be able to be put in compatible zone without problems. I am quit sure this will work, but unfortunately, I can't test this scenario now. If you try this way - please publish your results. It may be useful to know, as more  such migrations are expected in nearest future.

Hope it helps