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What is an "AP Direct Tunnel" on the SZ series controllers?

Contributor II
On the licensing page of my SZ-124 I see "AP Capacity Licenses" and "AP Direct Tunnel Licenses".

I have lots of Capacity licenses but no Direct Tunnel licenses.  Can someone describe the feature unlocked by this license?  We already tunnel a WLAN back to our SZ via the "Tunnel WLAN traffic through Ruckus GRE" option on WLAN configuration.  The Direct Tunnel license doesn't seem to be tied to this.

I tried doing a ctrl-f search of the SZ admin guide but no luck...


PS. SmartZone doesn't seem to be listed in the product listing of "Related Categories" at the bottom of this posting submission page.

New Contributor II
This tunnel license is applicable in case you wish to tunnel a specific WLAN traffic from Ruckus AP to a 3rd party gateway over soft-gre (and not to the SZ124 over RuckusGRE)

Thank you Yogesh.

For anyone who later finds this post.  Please checkout the link below for further information on soft-GRE and other GRE related info.

Esteemed Contributor II
...and also, SmartCell Gateway is synonomous with SmartZone Greg!  I'll get that updated.

Thanks Michael, I'll keep this in mind for the future 🙂  I'm stuck in a bubble I guess, just me and my SZ-124 😄