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VSZ - Active Directory and Default Group Attribute Value

New Contributor III

I am just wondering if anyone has got their VSZ setup with a WLAN that users log into the web authentication using accounts from Active Directory. 

I had this set up p[perfectly with the ZoneDirector but can't seem to get it to work with the VSZ. 

The Admin Guide i have says I can set the default Group Attribute Value when configuring the Roles, but that option is not there. The option is there how ever when I configure a Proxy AAA, but when testing, the results return Primary server success but do not list the group (which I've read it should). When logging into the WLAN I can an Invalid username or password message.

Has anyone got this kind of setup working. I have a case open, just looking to see if people have the same issue.


New Contributor II
I was told that this is a feature request to have atrrib mapping for users in more then one AD group, which is ridiculous, how is that a feature to request, its a bug. I was also told the workaround is setting up a radius server, which I am trying to avoid but may have to do.