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VSZ - Active Directory and Default Group Attribute Value

New Contributor III

I am just wondering if anyone has got their VSZ setup with a WLAN that users log into the web authentication using accounts from Active Directory. 

I had this set up p[perfectly with the ZoneDirector but can't seem to get it to work with the VSZ. 

The Admin Guide i have says I can set the default Group Attribute Value when configuring the Roles, but that option is not there. The option is there how ever when I configure a Proxy AAA, but when testing, the results return Primary server success but do not list the group (which I've read it should). When logging into the WLAN I can an Invalid username or password message.

Has anyone got this kind of setup working. I have a case open, just looking to see if people have the same issue.


New Contributor III
I cannot retire the smartzone yet until ruckus bring about the AD group feature. The smartzone has 20 7363s connected to it which is live.

I've got the vSZ setup with 22 R510s sat in a box waiting to be swapped out. Once Ruckus release the AD groups feature, then i'll setup the vSZ to the same configuration as the 1100 and swap the 7363s with the R510s. The R510s will detect with vSZ automatically and set them selves up.

It's been tested and the system is pretty much waiting to go but Ruckus will not release the AD groups feature to the vSZ. It feels like ive spent a small fortune on a white elephant!

New Contributor II
someone know if the AD Groups feature is released or not?

New Contributor III
Hello All,

Just to update, we now have the VSZ up and running, but not using the AD groups feature. We've switched to using a RADIUS server through our smoothwall.

For all those waiting on the AD groups feature, it is now included in the software, version is what I'm running, it's the last option when you configure a AAA server.

On the downside though they have removed the section under roles where you can limit a role to  individual WLANS, this screen on the ZoneDirector. So kind of give with one hand, take away with the other. There must be a way to replicate with with traffic profile mapping but I haven't looked at that.

New Contributor III
I can't believe we're still waiting for AD to be included in our vSZ-H. I started to raise this issue way back at vSCG stage and now at vSZ 3.4 still not sorted.
I have a school asking us to give them a quotation to install WiFi for the full school but they want to be assured that AD will work for them. I have to turn the opportunity down. I also have an existing school looking for AD authentication and I can't provide it. How long do we have to wait???  Can somebody give a straight answer?

You can't use AAA (RADIUS) authentication? Seems pretty straight forward with our vSZ-E deployment.