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VSZ - Active Directory and Default Group Attribute Value

New Contributor III

I am just wondering if anyone has got their VSZ setup with a WLAN that users log into the web authentication using accounts from Active Directory. 

I had this set up p[perfectly with the ZoneDirector but can't seem to get it to work with the VSZ. 

The Admin Guide i have says I can set the default Group Attribute Value when configuring the Roles, but that option is not there. The option is there how ever when I configure a Proxy AAA, but when testing, the results return Primary server success but do not list the group (which I've read it should). When logging into the WLAN I can an Invalid username or password message.

Has anyone got this kind of setup working. I have a case open, just looking to see if people have the same issue.


New Contributor III
Good news, the new firmware was released a few weeks ago. I haven't got my hands on it yet so can't comment on it.

If you have a login for the ruckus support site it's up for download.

I've got which is showing on the downloads page however this hasn't addressed the issue with AD groups and roles meaning AD groups are still not supported in this release.

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Well that's not what I wanted to hear. I haven't even fired up the vSZ in about forever so have to get it on there and see. Can you see any changes in it?

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I was on 3.4 before 3.5 - came out a week or so after i purchased the vSZ.

3.5 has a completely different look and feel to it, my upgrade took a couple of hours to complete however it does seem a lot quicker.

I've asked my reseller to look into the AD problem too but they came back with creating a rule and force them on to a specific VLAN, this is not what i want to do, i'm wanting to stop a specific group in AD from being able to connect to a SSID.

Here are 2 screenshots of 3.5 - the login screen and the home page which can be customised.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c431135b77e2479aee49_b15902f8acafef566d1d11dfa486fbf0_RackMultipart2017041945263p6yu-c79f5135-dc89-469e-9fbc-8582700ca9f2-1514718001.PNG1492601542

Image_ images_messages_5f91c431135b77e2479aee49_1dcbf5f12234b129a1d7c6ff1d301899_RackMultipart201704196661310a0-9de9c83a-3f52-4e5e-80d8-55d38746d5fa-1014696559.PNG1492601552

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Do you have your smartzone and zonedirector up at the same time, is it safe to do that?