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VSZ - Active Directory and Default Group Attribute Value

New Contributor III

I am just wondering if anyone has got their VSZ setup with a WLAN that users log into the web authentication using accounts from Active Directory. 

I had this set up p[perfectly with the ZoneDirector but can't seem to get it to work with the VSZ. 

The Admin Guide i have says I can set the default Group Attribute Value when configuring the Roles, but that option is not there. The option is there how ever when I configure a Proxy AAA, but when testing, the results return Primary server success but do not list the group (which I've read it should). When logging into the WLAN I can an Invalid username or password message.

Has anyone got this kind of setup working. I have a case open, just looking to see if people have the same issue.


New Contributor III
David, I've had the same problem. you'll see the case I brought about a year agoi;I tried everything you did and still had no success. It's a problem that Ruckus know about but have not come up with a solution yet. 
It's pretty urgent I would feel because a basic feature like this needs to be available to quite a lot of companies/organisations. Hopefully we'l get a solution sooner rather than later

New Contributor III
I had to guys remoted in all of Monday trying to setup NPS and RADIUS as a work around but no joy yet. I need to get this working by Monday or else I'm going to have to stick with the Zonedirector, which means sitting on 53 brand new APs and carrying on using 802.11b/g 😞

New Contributor III
Well we got somewhere today. We were able to log in with AD users, but unfortunately any AD users. We were not able to limit it based on AD groups and vSZ Roles.

New Contributor II
I have one problem with the attributes.

I try to restrict the access to the one especifc wlan based on the RADIUS Group Atributes, but i does have susses. The users still have access to that wlan.