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User Traffic Profile not applying to existing WLAN

New Contributor II
I have a test WLAN called C, and the access control is working perfectly.  it blocks Bonjour out from the laptop and there's another rule that I can test against that bans access to a local web server....

But the same access control applied on an WLAN called J is not working.  They are both configured to use the same UTP.

J is auth'ed by 802.1x to a Windows NPS and the test one C is just WPA2 but why should that matter?  I've cross checked the config for each SSID and can't spot a difference..

The test SSID was created 2 days ago, the existing one years ago.

I've been working with the web gui, now I'm trying to assign the UTP via the CLI to see if that fixes it.

We're running vSZ-E

I have opened a support case for it...  


New Contributor II
Support said it's a problem with my software version, please upgrade..  OK will do!

New Contributor II
OK so, the UTP's don't work when the WLAN is using 802.1x for auth.  I have upgrade from 3.6.1 to, but they still dont work.

Is this normal?