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Use wireless lan in multiple zones

New Contributor
Hi all,

I have two access points A1 and A2 and two wireless LANs W1 and W2.
I want to use those wireless LANs on the access points as such:
A1: W1
A2: W1&W2

Is there any possibility to configure this without creating W1 twice? I've been playing around with domains, zones, access points- and wireless lan-groups, but I haven't found a solution yet.

This shall be used on a larger scale later, so unleashed is not an option.

Many thanks!

Contributor II
Hi Mattis,

Well, seems like you were looking in the right places, but did not put it all together.

You configure WLAN Groups under WLAN's, and check off the SSID's that is needed for that Group.

You then assign the WLAN Group to the AP Group.

AP Groups: Use to group AP's in areas or function..

WLAN Groups: Use to group SSID's for AP Groups.

In most of our setups, AP & WLAN Groups are basically the same, so a bit redundant, but you need to do both.

So, in your case:

Create WLAN Groups:
WG1: 'All SSIDs' and enable all SSID's for that group. (this can be the 'Default' one)
WG2: 'W1 Only' and only enable SSID W1 for that group.

Create AP Groups:
APG1: You can use 'default' and assign WG1 for that.
APG2: 'AP's with only W1' and assign WG2 for that.

Now assign the AP's that you like to have the needed SSID's to each AP Group.
An AP can only be assigned to one AP Group at a time.

Hope it helps.

Valued Contributor
Create AP group
Assign AP to AP group
Create WLAN group
Assign WLAN to WLAN group

you now can choose which WLANs to broadcast on APs in different AP groups.

Seems clumsy and complex for a small number of WLANS and APs but when there are many allows great flexibility.

screenshots below as simple example:

Image_ images_messages_5f91c43f135b77e2479e580b_0bacae760978590c66fad2490dec9852_RackMultipart20180201220644i3i-6ffe9ecf-1ae8-46b0-9130-1a6e2fe3eac0-1646815088.JPG1517482591

Oak site laptops connect to blue WLAN.
We have a second site, Kings. Laptops there connect to red with blue WLAN unticked.
Ipad and kopsstaff WLANs enabled on both so they can roam.

Circled option shows where you can choose the WLAN group to broadcast on the AP group.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c43f135b77e2479e580b_3a9907219454904b205c74362740863f_RackMultipart2018020131751g8k1-9f689314-d506-41ee-b2fb-a985175217fc-1324870567.jpg1517482813

New Contributor
Ah, that's great.  Works like a charm. Thank you very much!