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Uploaded Ximg patch to DP Patch instead of Upgrade tab. Can I delete the patch file?

New Contributor III
I have v-SZ Essentials and I made a silly mistake. . .

I accidentally uploaded the latest v-SZ patch to the "DP Patch" tab instead of the "Upgrade" tab. Is there any way I can delete the 1.1GB patch file so it's not taking up disk space?

It doesn't appear to be doing any harm at the moment, but I'd like to remove it. 

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3f8135b77e247902657_193f3188a3bcb7ae2d782e42cdfab8e3_RackMultipart2018122710450712e-dbff3233-1190-48e1-a9b8-f8ea88c08e0a-1662452550.PNG1545951941

New Contributor III
Hey NewsFool,
Sorry for the inconvenience. Normally, there is a validation step that would prevent this from happening at all, so the behavior is a bit strange. We tried to reproduce it internally, but couldn't get the same behavior. If you open a support case, we can have our ENG folks delete the file for you to free up that space.


Thanks. Ticket opened. . .