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Upload image failed. Reason: Timeout for RPC

New Contributor

Hi, my name is brayan ruiz,

I'm trying to update the version of my VSZ, I currently have version and I want to update to version 6.1.1,

I have two clusters that balance 200 AP, when I try to upload the .XIMG I get the following error "Upload image failed. Reason: Timeout for RPC [decryptUploadPatch]", could someone help me, it is urgent





RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @Ticline 
I hope you have found the solution, if not can you provide the below information:
1. The upgrade path to 6.1.1 is supported.
2. Can you confirm the hardware resources of CPU, RAM and HDD?
3. For upgrading to 6.1.1 you need 2-4 CPU, 13 GB RAM and 150 GB HDD.
4. Make sure you are uploading the file from Laptop which is local to vSZ and not remote (Like VPN or public connection).

Sanjay Kumar

My VSZ meets the requirements it asks for, I tried to update via FTP and I get the same error:



Hi @Ticline,

As my colleague suggested, please could you make sure to upload and upgrade the SZ locally rather than via VPN, remote or public network.

Also, are we talking about single node SZ or multi, if multi-node, please share number of nodes in the cluster.



Vasanth Edward

I have two clusters, they are balanced and they are on the same LAN.
I am carrying out the procedures directly without VPN. I want to upload them to the latest version but I get the error that I mentioned at the beginning of the post