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URL filter on SmartZone 5.0 / defined by AccessControl - UserTraffic

New Contributor II
When I want to active an URL-filter for porn, do I activate it on WLAN-side or AccessControl-UserTraffic?

For me it works well on WLAN-definition, but it does not work on "access-control-UserTraffic"`? I would like to use it just by User-definition, not on the whole-WLAN?

Best regards


RUCKUS Team Member

There is a known limitation if you want to activate this feature with a User Traffic Profile. In that case you need to assign a URL filter in WLAN, plus the one you are using in User Traffic Profile (UTP). UTP policy (and URL filter inside) will take precedence over the one assigned at WLAN level.


New Contributor III
I have a question in relation to precedence on URL filtering and Application Control. If a URL category is allowed but Application Control policy denies it, URL category policy will take precedence, right? So traffic should be blocked. What if my URL category is allowed but I have a Rate Limiting Application Control policy? What will happen with the web traffic? Will rate limit take effect?

Another thing I noticed. Peer to Peer is blocked on URL filtering but we still see Peer to Peer application with huge bandwidth usage. I have a UTP applied on the WLAN with both URL filtering and Application policy set.