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New Contributor II
Could we get a description of exactly what changed:

 - Enhanced the PMK/OKC behavior to allow wireless users to roam between APs (that belong to same zone) without requiring them to re-authenticate. [FR-1952] 

The RADIUS roaming scenarios section in the AAA Interface Guide hasn't been updated yet.

Esteemed Contributor II
FR-1952 enhancement to PMK caching:
  1. PMK (pairwise master key) Caching -- this is "fast roam back." In
    other words, the AP just caches PMKs and allows clients that have been
    connected previously to roam back to it without full 802.1X auth.
  2. OKC (Opportunistic Key Caching) -- this actively reuses PMKs from
    one AP with other APs in the same zone. So when a client roams to a new
    AP, it can reference the prior PMK with a PMKID and thus bypass full