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SSID to VLAN Mapping

New Contributor III

Hi Pack

I am setting up a new Smartzone 144 and i was wondering how to go about setting up different SSIDs with different VLANs. my Core switch has vlan 20 for staff and vlan 30 for guests and vlan 50 is for Smartzone and AP management.

On the Switch Port that connects the controller, is it supposed to be tagged on all the above vlans, or untagged on smartzone and AP vlan50 only? my goal is to isolate guests and staff ssid with the above vlans




RUCKUS Team Member

Hello @sogalli

You can untag the management VLAN and Tag all other VLANs configured for Users. You no need to configure management VLAN in SZ, as by default VLAN-1 is considered as untagged VLAN.

Make sure to configure the Staff and Guest VLANs in WLAN advanced options.