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RH510 AP ports configuration for IPTV setup box

New Contributor II

Hi, I got the problem unable to get the IP for the IPTV setup box from H510AP ports.

Here is the configuration of how I did. 

switch port connect to AP ports config;

int eth1/1

untag 102 (management vlan for Controller and APs)

tagged 100,101

On Controller, configure untag vlan 101(IPTV) on H510 AP ports.

The controller version is 5.1

When the IPTV setup box connects to the AP`s ports, unable to get the IP address.

But on the laptop network adapter, hardcoded vlan ID to 101 and connect to switch port eth1/1, I able to get IP from DHCP server.

Is there something wrong with my configuration?


Valued Contributor II

This is a typical mistake configuring VLANs on switches. 

  • Uplink H320 port (connected to the switch) must match switch port configuration: trunk port, VLAN 102- untagged, 100, 101 - tagged.
  • Access port (where IPTV box is connected) must be configured as untagged access port in proper VLAN (101).

It means that IPTV traffic is coming to AP from the switch with tag 101, the tag is removed and traffic is passed to IPTV box as untagged.

Now you have configured all ports on AP  to be untagged in the same VLAN instead, you in fact connected IP box to VLAN 102  on switch (VLAN tag is relevant only when VLAN is tagged on port), so it can't work properly.

I dont think they need vlan 102 on the ruckus side to be configured, after all, the AP thinks it's managment is "untagged" and thus has nothing to do with vlan 102.

But indeed, vlan101 should be configured as access port with defalt vlan 101 (which seems to be what they mentioned as configutred)

the upstream (port 3 in an h320) shoult be configured as the default trunk port. For the IPTV ports, you can configure the untagged vlan 102.  (my picture it has vlan 100 but you should have 102 in your case)

Image_ images_messages_6082eec5131c1e0a957761b9_c463e04d165abca9af5b83d33ddbbf41_h320vlans-19f2284d-0295-45d5-a983-89ebf56b8c52-1207271554.png

what happens if you connect a pc with a plain nic (no vlan, nothing)  instead of the STB to the AP? (sometimes the STB could have a vlan in its interface if it was pre-provisioned)... 

Also, if doing tcpdump, and your nic is vlan capable (Especially on windows) it might be stripping the vlan tag in a capture..