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Missing 802.11ax features on R730 compared to R750

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The SZ 5.2 Release Notes seem to indicate that there is now a significant feature gap between R730 and R750. Is this temporary or will R730 never support OFDMA, DL/UL-MU MIMO, And TxBf?

This has started getting a bit confusing since the R730 data sheet has listed those features for over a year now but to date no AP firmware has been made available supporting it.

Thanks in advance -- I'm just a bit worried as a user who decided to go for the R730 assuming it was the more capable AP.

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I don’t know, but since the development of the r700 and how they left out unleashed support for it and how they based the r700 antenna design on the 7982.  The r600 out performs the r700 with the newer antenna design. In fact, they did not enough put ram or maybe flash to support unleashed on the r700 because they did not anticipate needing it for future projects which is very short sighted on the engineer design team. Therefore, I felt very leery in buying the r730 until they announced unleashed for it.  So I never bought the r730. Seems ruckus is more committed to the r750 and r650 since it has finalized chipsets that are WiFi 6.  R730 is a draft one. At least it seems to me the r730 was a development that was marketed to say ruckus has a 802.11ax ap too when Cisco has one out too based on draft specs. More like bragging rights. Or at least that’s how I feel.  I know there are other r730 owners out there who are using it in standalone mode who felt abandon by ruckus for not supporting unleashed on it. 

Hi John,

We just deployed R730s at a hotel.

I strongly encourage you to signal test with a WAP in the field in the EXACT setting the WAPs will be deployed. We ran into huge issues with this model of WAP under-performing in crowded setting like hotel rooms. It does not in any way compare to previous models of this series (R700 and R710).

Long and short of it, this WAP is designed for open space type deployments ONLY - ballrooms, convention space venues, open floor offices, stadiums. 

We do have a client that uses the same WAP in open floor office and it has been working great for over 6 months now.

Another piece of advice, mount it on the ceiling and don't let anyone to talk you into anything else.

Hope this helps.


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I have an education customer that replaced R700s and R710s with the R730 and have had all sorts of performance and rebooting issues compared to the previous R710s.

Other sites with the R720 have been fine.

Think I will stick with and recommending the R650 and R750 going forward.


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Hey John, 

           It really doesn’t look good for the r730 certification.  Meraki just released the MR46/56 and there’s this discussion.