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LAG SCG200 Data Plane (link aggregation / EtherChannel)


Is it possible to work with LAG, or Etherchannel on the SCG200? I need to set up 2 Data Plane, however, if 1 falls, I'd like to use the other to avoid unavailability.

New Contributor III
It does not support currently. We have asked them many times before but they are still evaluate that.


RUCKUS Team Member
The two 10G Fiber ports on the SCG-200 Data Planes are bridged together.
They do not support Link Aggregation or Etherchannel (which aggregates the two ports together for additional throughput)

They can be conected to two switch ports supporting STP port redundancy, to allow continued operation if one switch port, fiber or Data Plane physical port failure.  The Data Plane will forward BPDU's when feature is enabled: (pg 70 SCG200 CLI guide version 3.6.1 -

ruckus(config)# data-plane [ name ] [name forward-stp

The Data Planes are hosts and will not block the connection, just forward BPDU's.  The Switch ports must support STP and disable one of the ports to prevent loops.

You can also use "Access Core Separation" feature on the SCG-200 Data Planes to increase potential bandwidth and prevent users on the AP network from accessing the northbound core network. This feature creates VLAN's and uses static routes to separate traffic.  The switch ports must be assigned individually to the correct VLAN's so traffic is bridge to only one network at a time.
This system will not allow for redundancy feature as described above.
Details on Access Cores Separation can be found in the SCG-200 Admin Guide pg 59 -

The SCG-200 has two Data Planes.  Each of these are independent processors connected internally to the SCG-200 Controller via a PCI bus.  Each Data Plane has two physical interfaces that can be uses as described above.

For redundancy, if only two 10G Fiber ports will be available in the Data Center - it is better to use both Data Planes then physical redundancy using two fiber ports on one Data Plane.  This doubles the capacity of the system and provides full redundancy as the Access Points Data Tunnels will fail over automatically if one Data Plane stops responding, up to the maximum number of 10K AP's per Data Plane.  Access Core Separation could be enabled on Each Data Plane and still have AP tunnel redundancy.

Thanks for the clarification, we are studying this possibility of STP