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ICX logging with vSZ-H

New Contributor

Hello all, 

our Ruckus environment is comprised of many ICX switches and different APs, all connected to and managed by a single vSZ-H. We are implementing a log collection solution (Graylog), with the goal to keep in a single repo all the administrative and user logins on the various company resources. 

So far, we configured the Syslog logging on the vSZ (Administration -> Syslog -> "enable logging to remote syslog server"). With this setup, the user access to the WiFi networks is working fine. 

Next step: we need to collect all the administrative logins made on ICX switches. I logged in on one of those but no log entry has been generated on the vSZ, and therefore no log collection. I checked on the documentation, but found next to nothing. 

Is the vSZ capable of log collection from ICX switches?