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How to set up webpage redirection with WPA2 on vSZ-H?

New Contributor III
Hi all,

I am looking for options to set up webpage redirection with WPA2 on vSZ-H.  I dont see any options other than Hotspot or Guest access and we do not want to use Hotspot or guest access but WPA2. anyone has any ideas, please share.


Esteemed Contributor II
You need to define a Guest Access service profile, one with No authentication, but does Redirect to the URL you specify.
Then define a WLAN, with this Guest Access profile, and add WPA2-PSK on the WLAN.

Your clients will need the WPA2-PSK in order to associate to your WLAN, and when they open a browser,
they will be redirected to the page you specified in the Guest Access profile.

You must use Guest Access in order to perform the redirection you desire, but you can make it seamless,
and still require that they have the WPA2-PSK to even associate.

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Thanks Michael for your reply.

I set this up and tested also.  redirection is taking a minute to load the page after accepting the terms and conditions.

is this known to you?

Please advise.
Thanks Again

Not enough information - what kind of client, what kind of browser, what RSSI connection?
For two different client types, or just one brand of device?  Phones? Laptops? iPads?
How many APs?  What network from APs to Internet...?  Any proxies, etc?

No, browser redirection should not take 1 minute. 

New Contributor
Redirection cannot be 1 minute. When I set up the browser for my custom essays writing service project, I didn't use any proxies. Though, I used a special program (borrowed from my friend).