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How to decrypt the MAC address in hotspot with no CLI access?

New Contributor II
I need to decrypt the MAC address that is used in the redirect URL in the hotspot(wispr) configuration.
Currently in the URL you can see MAC addresses in the form "ENC7792d246d8f5f3ec0bbb430193dfe817e47904f0bb49f2d6" instead of "11:22:33:44:55:66".

I know it's possible to do this through CLI, using the command:

ruckus(config)# [no] encrypt-mac-ip

The situation is that in the current wireless controller it is not possible to execute this command (for administrative reasons), so what I need to do is that my website receives the URL as a GET parameter and can decrypt it. Is there an algorithm I can use, like MD5, or some other method that uses the NBI password?

Thank you


RUCKUS Team Member

You can query the controller to encrypt/decrypt these parameters with the corresponding request through NBI interface. You can find more details in (page 37).