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Get radio mac of AP's in zone

New Contributor III
Hi, how can I quickly get all radio MAC of AP's in a perticular zone/group?


Contributor II
Same question from me!

I can export the AP list from the Monitor page, but there is no where to add the MAC's from the SSID's

Ruckus: This is highly needed for Survey reasons, and grep'ing the list does not always match all SSID's.

Web, CLI - anything!!

Valued Contributor
All APs MACs can be exported (as you state) as image below...does this help?

Image_ images_messages_5f91c430135b77e2479ad4cb_59b1e2ad8d7ce0390341efd4a790fc34_RackMultipart2016011117617r852-1a55ea14-88a8-4911-958c-2d12eb7b86cd-1874945332.jpg1452521523

zones/groups don't show but a little bit of XL rearrangement might put them in the groupings you want. If you originally put your APs in some logical order (by IP or name) then sorting will be easier. Obviously you have to know your APs and groups or refer back to ZD gui repeatedly...but it can be done if clumsily!

Does this provide all BSSIDs or one management MAC address for each AP?
I believe the OP is looking for all BSSIDs.

Correct Bill, just the management MAC. The BSSIDs are only available through the individual AP info pages in Zone Director. There is some logical assignment to them (by band and name) but unable to figure it out enough to be confident of predicting.

So not so helpful.