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GCE (Google Cloud) image for vSZ not accepted .raw.bin

New Contributor III
Dear all,

I'm wondering why Ruckus decided to deliver a GCE image for the vSZ as a .bin image. According to the manual, as well as itself, the image has to be .tar.gz.

Now, I've unpacked the image with 7-zip and repackaged it to .tar.gz, but Google Cloud doesn't want to accept it.
Creating image "vsz-3-5-1-0-296" failed. Error: The tar archive is not a valid image.
Anyone able to tell me how to fix this?

Esteemed Contributor II
Please see Installation guide.  Opening the tar.bin file expands out the EULA and tar.gz file.

New Contributor III
Hi Michael,

thanks for replying. I just redownloaded the file to verify what you said.
The installation guide refers to the Getting Started Guide I'm guessing(?). The 3.5 Getting Started Guide does not say anything about the image apart from the fact a .tar.gz image is needed.

Then, trying to unpack the .bin in Mac didn't completely work out (by default macos actually wants to make an archive file out of that). I tried it in my Windows VM with 7-zip. All I end up with is a .raw file and nothing else.

The download might be flawed if what you say should be the case.

Kind regards.

Hi Axel,

The file has to be extracted using command "sh vscg-" in linux machine. If you have cygwin installed in windows pc this the same command can be used.

Should you have any issues please keep me posted, I could help you extract it.

Abilash PR.

Hi Abilash,

This procedure shoud be added to the getting started guide, it would be helpful.