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Forwarding ap's 2nd ethernet port traffic to vSZ-D?

New Contributor II
Will an Access Point managed by vSZ-E or vSZ-H with centralized data forwarding to a vSZ-D via RuckusGRE enabled, also forward traffic from it's secondary ethernet port (configured as an access port)? I would like to connect a workstation or voip-device to that second ethernetport of the access point and tunnel the traffic back to the vSZ-D too.

Contributor II
Hello Michael,

The answer to your question is Yes!!..  You need to create an Ethernet port profile and assign that profile to the AP's second port via the AP group or AP directly.  In the profile you specify the VLAN to use on that port when tunneled.  Similar to how you do the WLAN, but a lot less complex.

Have fun!