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Does the SCG support change of access profile via Radius?

New Contributor

Does the SCG support temporary restricted access (e.g. for facebook login, credit-card purchase etc) via RADIUS? I've read through some of the documentation for RADIUS AAA and how to set up a hotspot, but it is not obvious whether it is possible to switch from captive portal access, to restricted internet access, and then back to the captive portal (once facebook login or whatever is complete).

Most gateways provide this via "Filter-Id" or similar in the CoA or Access-Response. Is there something like this for the SCG?

Thanks for any help,


New Contributor II
You can use OAuth for authentication with Cloudpath. The clients could be authorized via Coogle, Facebook, or LinkdIn.

Thanks for replying. Yes, I'm talking about supporting OAuth or similar in the context of a hotspot registration flow. The problem is how to switch from the captive portal (i.e. the SCG redirecting all traffic to the captive portal) to a temporary access profile (i.e. one in which OAuth based login can take place) and then back again to a redirect once the OAuth login completes (or fails as the case may be).

We currently use the JSON login interface to the SCG which complicates things. As far as I can see, there is no way to pass an access profile over that interface.