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Discrepancies between queried sysUpTime via SNMP and the value received in a trap / vSZ-H 5.2

New Contributor
Hi everyone!
I'm working in a (self-developed) monitoring service that queries certain OID variables throughout SNMP to a VSZ 5.2, and also receives certain traps of my interest.

The issue I'm facing is related to the 'sysUpTime' metric (OID: > Whenever I poll this metric via SNMP I get a concrete value in timeticks. If I force the generation of a trap at that very moment (For example, I set up a new WLAN), the sysUpTime metric included in the trap differs vastly from the number I get by polling, even though the value is transmitted with the same OID! And I do receive it quite quicky after generating it, just a few seconds only, so... there shouldn't be that so much offset (It remains mostly constant in about +114000 timeticks).

Also, I've checked the 'ruckusCtrlSystemNodeUptime' (OID: to see if the value concurs with the one in the trap... but it's also different (but closer): about 129000 timeticks bigger than the sysUpTime I poll manually, and about 15000 timeticks bigger than the trap value.

To sum up, this could be an example of what I obtain:

If I poll sysUptime via snmp, I get:         (1) 100000000   > sample value
If I parse the sysUptime of the trap:       (2) 100114000   > 19 mins more than (1)
If I poll ruckusCtrlSystemNodeUptime:  (3) 100129000  > (1) +21.5 mins  or  (2) +2.5 mins

Obviously, all these values make quite difficult the synchronization of data I obtain from the VSZ. I'd like to know if it's an issue I can fix anyhow or if I'm missing something...  (I'm sure I'm polling correctly from my custom software, as results are coherent with what I obtain with a 3rd party SNMP software like MIB Browser).

Additional information of VSZ:
Controller Version:
Control Plane Software Version:

Any hint on how to synchronize everything correctly will be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


Esteemed Contributor II
I'm not sure you'll get a satisfactory answer from other users on this, so you may need to open a support ticket...

New Contributor
Thanks. I'm following your advice.