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DFS channel switching monitoring

New Contributor III
In a enterprise setup (for example with the vSZ) how do you guys monitor DFS channel switching related issues? With auto channel and the use of DFS channel you could possibly have a lot of channel switching that would affect the end users. I've seen "DFS counters" in other vendor solutions. What about Ruckus?

Esteemed Contributor II
This information is presented under the Radio Athstats section on AP Support Info files under PHY Error Stats:

------------ PHY Error Stats ------------
14194379 PHY errors since clearing all stats (rx_phyerr)
    52 phy radar
    14033694 phy ofdm timing
    20380 phy ofdm restart
    140253 phy zero len crc
382 PHY errors since clearing delta stats (1 sec)
    382 phy ofdm timing
Histogram of PHY errors per second (pcttime in each range)
   0  1-500 ..1K  ..2K  ..5K ..10K ..20K ..50K .100K  more
 100     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0

This info shows the AP recognized 52 packets contained radar.

It would be a Syslog entry that shows if an AP changed channed due to encountering DFS however (which I don't have an example for).

Enterprises might have tools to monitor/filter Syslog for keywords like 'DFS', 'lost heartbeat', etc.

New Contributor III
Thanks alot! But if I have a deployment with hundreds of AP's, do I have to manually download every single AP log regularly to monitor this? And can I use a Syslog server with the vSZ-H? Thought is was just SNMP traps... 

Valued Contributor II
yes, AP too dumps channel change logs due to DFS to syslog... once its in the syslog, you can filter them out...

monnat-  for example, if you have 5x APs each set to send messages to a syslog server, do you have any info or ideas on how to tell which AP is which in the syslog messages log?   ie as there is no host-name or device-name included in the messages sent to syslog, how do you know which messages are from AP #2 vs AP #4 ?  tks