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Cluster Desgin qusition ?

New Contributor III
Hi All,

Please can you let me know if anyone have done this configuration below and how many instance lic. is required to be purchased:

i have two ESX instant license only for 2 controller as v-SZ-H one running 3.6 (support up to 2500 AP) and one running 3.4 (support up to 2500 AP)

i need to create one of below scenarios:

1- Have Three controllers as one cluster (AWS 5000 AP + 1 VM at ESX1 support 2500 AP + 1 VM at ESX2 support 2500 AP)

 2- Have Primary Controller in AWS 5000 AP and Secondary is a Cluster of (1 VM at ESX1 support 2500 AP + 1 VM at ESX2 support 2500 AP) .


Contributor III
Why are you running different version? Scenario 1 - a 3-node high scale managing 5000 APs seems like overkill to me. Why not use a single cluster with 2 nodes running the same
Scenario 2 - I don’t understand why you would want to config this way.

New Contributor III
i am trying to see what is the best design as we moved to AWS with 5000 AP controller, so i want use the decommission Controllers to be a secondary backup in case the AWS went down for any reason, and those decommission Controllers are set in 2 ESX with limited resources so i can use only up to 2500 AP's, hope this is clear.

for scenario 1 or 2 all firmware version will be upgraded to 5.1.x,

Current status we have defendant stand alone vSZ-H as old firmware are managing old discontinued AP's for none upgraded customers.