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Bad SmartZone UI Glitch, unable to access critical WLAN settings

New Contributor III

This is ridiculous. The web interface refreshes itself every time I attempt to click or double click on particular WLANs. Happens with all browsers from any computer I try. Only some WLAN's are doing it. Can't stop the browser before it reloads either.

Restarted controller, updated to the latest 3.6.2 build 250. No change. Can't recreate the WLAN because I can't get into the settings to pull the passphrase.



is that controller located in-house or somewhere external in a datacenter?

latest 3.6.2 build 250 ? this is not the the latest build...

@paul_van_der_cruyssen In house. 250 is the latest build of 3.6.2. Not going to 5+ unless I need to.

is it possible to make a direct connection between the laptop and te controller? just to get rid of everything in between?

you are right that 250 is the latest build of 3.6.2, and not sure that upgrading to 5 would solve this problem (never have seen this problem before)

I think so, but I won't be back onsite until next week. Some of the WLAN it does allow me to click and edit. I can't see a difference between the ones that allow click and not.