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Announcement: SZ300 and SZ 3.5 (GA) are now on Support portal

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   Considerable platform work has gone into development of SmartZone 3.5 (GA),

witha new UI/UX, architectural enhancements, significant performance and trouble-

shooting improvements, SZ300, and feature content to significantly close gap with the ZD!

     Here is the new SZ300 controller product page, Release Notes, What’s New, with

associated docs to be published over the next few days, and the firmware links. 

    Please read and understand the SZ 3.5 Terms & Conditions associated withthe Firmware

download pages, (and printed below) which outlines the many changes, and that users

who upgrade will lose some data from previous versions.


SmartZone 300 (SZ300)

SmartZone (GA) Release Notes:

SmartZone (GA) What’s New?


SmartZone 3.5 (GA) Software Release (SZ300):

SmartZone 3.5 (GA) Software Release (SCG200):

SmartZone 3.5 (GA) Software Release (SZ-100):

vSZ (GA) Software Release (ximg image):

vSZ (GA) Software Release (ESXi / AWS .ova image):

vSZ. (GA) Software Release (KVM qcow2 image):

vSZ (GA) Software Release (GCE raw.tar image):

vSZ (GA) Software Release (Hyper-V / Azure vhdimage) (.zip):

vSZ-D (GA) Software Release (.ximg image):

vSZ-D (GA) Software Release (ESXi ova image):

vSZ-D (GA) Software Release (KVM qcow2 image):


SmartZone 3.5 (GA) MIBs for SZ300, SCG200, vSZ-H (.zip):

SmartZone 3.5 (GA) MIBs for SZ300, SCG200, vSZ-H (.zip): 

Announcing SmartZone GA Release

Prior to downloading the SmartZone GA release, pleasebe advised that this is a significant release with many functionaland operational changes throughout the system.

Along with the new features and a re-designed UI, there were manyarchitectural and data model changes under the hood. For that reason, we wantto advise that all customers read the following list of major changescarefully before downloading firmware to ensure that you are prepared toupgrade and accept the changes imposed by this upgrade:

1. Completely Redesigned UI–The graphical user interface (GUI) has been completely redesigned and updatedin 3.5. With this, we’ve introduced new workflows, changed menuorganizations,and added considerable functionality. Despite our best efforts topreserve all functionality and workflows from pre-3.5 releases, some specificminor workflows may be lost in the change. Major workflows and functionalityhave all been preserved.

2. Stats and Events Migration–Release 3.5 includes many architectural system enhancements and databasechanges required to deliver the new features, some of which will preventstats,events, alarms, and counters from migrating from 3.4 into 3.5. Please beaware that data will be lost in the upgrade. Specifically, be advised that thisdata will not migrate to 3.5:

a. Access Point traffic, health information, clientstats, events, and alarms

b. Client stats,counters, and traffic data

c. All application visibility data

d. All events and alarms

3. Stats for Pre-3.5 Zones(vSZ-Hand SCG200 Only) – In the vSZ-H and SCG200, when the SZ/SCG system is upgradedto release 3.5, the new UI and re-architected stats database will prevent thesystem from displaying AP and zone stats if the AP/zone is operating on 3.4 orprior releases. In order to make full use of the UI introduced in 3.5, zonesand APs should be updated to 3.5 as well. Operationally, the zones will stillwork, but stats visibility will be impacted.

4. Admin Roles and Permissions–The administrative role-based access control and admin permission sets havechanged in the 3.5 release. As administrative hierarchy and distinct use casesincrease, we were compelled to simplify the underlying admin rolearchitecture.By doing this, we’ve improved simplicity and predictability, butwe’ve changed the model in a way that is incompatible with 3.4 and priorreleases. In short,this means that some admin roles from pre-3.5 releaseswill not migrate into the 3.5 release. Super administrators areadvised to carefully review the new design and may be forced to recreate someroles with slightly different privileges.

5. vSZ-H Resource Increase(vSZOnly) – Due to the many enhancements in functionality, the vSZ-H systemrequires more resources to function properly. Please review the VirtualSmartZone Recommended Resource section of the Release Notes for moreinformation. Note that the vSZ-E does not require more resources.

6. Stats Intervals – APstats measurement and reporting intervals have increased to provide more datagranularity. This may cause some incremental increase to control traffic loadon the underlying network infrastructure.

7. Zone Firmware Management(vSZ-Hand SCG200 Only) – For vSZ-H and SCG200 systems, please remember that wesupport current firmware and two prior releases of firmware (N-2). Whenupgrading to a new release, the oldest supported Zone firmware may need to beupdated first.

8. Reports – Some ofthe built-in Report functionality has been reduced or removed altogether inorder to improve data scalability and control plane functionality as we shiftthe reporting functions into the SCI platform.

9. Introduction of Zones(vSZ-Eand SZ100 Only) – In SZ100 and vSZ-E systems, we are introducing the concept of“zones.” This changes the upgrade workflow in subsequent releases. For upgradesfrom 3.4 to 3.5, we will automatically upgrade the SmartZone system and all APsto the 3.5 release. However, for any subsequent releases, the SZ system and APZones will be upgraded independently. Administrators must proactively upgradethe AP Zones after upgrading the system to new firmware.

10. Empty Dashboard –Some components of the 3.5 dashboard will appear empty until the system hasgenerated new data in the 3.5 format to fill the display


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Still not able to work with AD groups and Roles for Web Authentication though as mentioned in this thread and this thread - unless we are all missing something!