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About Cluster Smartzone100

New Contributor III
Hi Guys,

Currently i already use 1 SZ100(A). Now i want buy the new 1 SZ100(B) for for configure the new SZ100(B) is just set to the "Join Cluster" and then will automatically provisioning upgrade to the same firmware master SZ100(A) ? Also how about the license ? is it just need import license to the SZ100(A) ?

Kindly need your advice guys. Thanks

Contributor II
Setup the network settings, IP's and such. If possible,place them on same network which is preferred for each interface. Then, upgrade the new smartzone to the correct image before attempting to join it to the cluster. Actually, do that first from the setup wizard. Once joined, AP licenses and all will carry over to the new controller. Only support license will be required for the new controller.