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AP firmware High Connection Errors

I have upgraded my Vsz to and upgraded the APs to  After the upgrade i noticed that almost every AP had a high percentage of connection errors.  I let it go for several days and thought i still had a lot of clients connected so it must be working.  In the events I see a lot of Force DHCP disconnects.  I did not make any changes to that but did double check the settings.  Some wlans were not enabled and some set to anywhere from 5-15 seconds.  Downgraded the firmware to and the connection errors went away.  Has anyone seen this and have any ideas why i am seeing this.  

New Contributor
I had this with R710 APs, on 3.5.1 after migrating them from ZD 9.13. After a couple of hours of head scratching, checking everything was working and looking for an issue. I rebooted the APs and all the errors cleared. *shrugs*

Contributor III
This has not been fixed with the latest SmartZone (MR1) patch.

Valued Contributor II
I upgraded today to 3.6.1. and can confirm -- bug is still there. But at least users are not affected...

New Contributor III
I have the same here. And in the troubelshooting section I can see the devices have many 802.11 Authentication Request/Response packets. Connection seems to take longer than on previous code.

Running on latest code