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AP firmware High Connection Errors

I have upgraded my Vsz to and upgraded the APs to  After the upgrade i noticed that almost every AP had a high percentage of connection errors.  I let it go for several days and thought i still had a lot of clients connected so it must be working.  In the events I see a lot of Force DHCP disconnects.  I did not make any changes to that but did double check the settings.  Some wlans were not enabled and some set to anywhere from 5-15 seconds.  Downgraded the firmware to and the connection errors went away.  Has anyone seen this and have any ideas why i am seeing this.  

New Contributor III
Have the same problem and have opened case on Ruckus Support system. If I will get solution to solve this, I will post it here.

Contributor II
Well.. not many alarms on it, but if I show the Connection Failures on the AP list, it looks like this:

Site One:
Image_ images_messages_5f91c437135b77e2479c1b2b_224dbe3eddbed4a66afb112f8fb3c896_RackMultipart20171214112667144-5be1fd2d-7fb5-475e-8ffe-bd14fe67c744-80228751.png1513243069

Site Two:
Image_ images_messages_5f91c437135b77e2479c1b2b_fbcd7b23ebae12a5581531e1f92a0aef_RackMultipart20171214834051i8b-f03ee78b-3c83-48de-aef1-a3467261cc26-2096024891.png1513243096

Not sure what to think of that.. 

New Contributor III
Personally id stick with 3.5. Looking at 3.6 known bugs and issues in my opinion its not release ready. We were recently advised by Ruckus NOT to upgrade to 3.6 and to stick with 3.5...

Contributor II
We are seeing the same behavior. Should I downgrade to 3.5 or wait until Ruckus fixes this and apply the next version?