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Does anyone have changed the IP on the SCI?

Valued Contributor
Hi expert.

Our Customer want to change MGMT IP on SCI because their IP subnet is going to change.

I had exprienced a failure though I tried modification of IP on boot step ago.

Has anyone succeeded in changing IP on SCI?

If you had done the work successfully, please share me know-how.



I was told a while back that the IP has to be set when the server is being "built" and can't be changed afterwards.

Valued Contributor
Does "built" mean initial installation?

That's too bad.

Taken from SmartCell Insight (SCI) Version 5.1.3 (MR3) Installation Guide 

Before the SCI cluster installation, ensure that a static IP address is available to the Master node, Data node and Demo node. A DHCP server must be available to issue an IP address to the SCI virtual machine (VM).


The IP address that is assigned to the nodes must be accessible.

To setup a VMware environment, the networking layer of VMware is used, which includes its own virtual routers and the DHCP server. Therefore, a dedicated DHCP server is not necessary.


The IP addresses assigned to SCI VMs must not change throughout the lifetime of the deployment.

Before You Begin

DHCP Server Requirements

If you cannot assign an IP address through the VMware of DHCP, see Setting Up the Virtual Machine Using a Static IP Address on page 16 for more information.


Could anyone accept that below?

"The IP addresses assigned to SCI VMs must not change throughout the lifetime of the deployment."

If someone have to change IP address of a running SCI due to some reason, what can they to do?

Should we say to them, "You can not change the IP after installing this product. If you want to change it, you have to reinstall it"?

Is there really no way to change it?

I can't believe it.