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Ruckus SmartCell Insight (SCI) 3.2 (GA) Release is Available on Support

Esteemed Contributor II
Ruckus Wireless Networks is happy to announce that SmartCell Insight (SCI) analytics and reporting
engine has a new 3.2 (GA) Release with Documentation and Firmware links posted to the Support
portal and available at these URLs, with some valuable new features and updates noted below.

SmartCell Insight (SCI) Version 3.2.0 (GA) Release Notes:


SmartCell Insight (SCI) Version 3.2.0 (GA) Installation Guide:


SmartCell Insight (SCI) Version 3.2.0 (GA) User Guide:


SmartCell Insight (SCI) Version 3.2.0 (GA) API User Guide:


SCI 3.2.0 (GA) Software Release (.ova.tar image):


SCI 3.2.0 (GA) Software Release (.qcow.tgz image):


SCI 3.2.0 (GA) Software Release (Local Update image):

SCI 3.2 is now available for download. Following are top 3 features of this release.


1.      “Push” model support from ZDs (Zone Directors):

This is one of the most requested features by Hospitality vertical. This feature will enable the deployment of SCI and ZDs in different

networks, with a firewall in between them. ZD can initiate a connection from ZD to SCI communication, instead of SCI initiating a

connection to ZD. With this model, no configuration changes are needed on firewall for deploying SCI with ZDs


2.      “Saved Filters”:

One of critical features of SCI is global filter, with ability to segment the network and generate customized dashboards and reports for

specific segments of the network. With this feature, user has ability to select the“filters”, save those selections and keep re-using again

and again. Before this feature, user has to re-select the filters manually for every iteration.


3.      Data retention settings:

SCI is built for long term data storage for up to 36-months. Some users would like to conserve the storage and manage the amount

of data stored in a better way. Some users would like to delete data after few months, for compliance purposes. This feature will allow

the user to control the length of time, the data can be stored on SCI.