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Will a new modem require reconfiguration of WAP's?

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I have a Lennar smart home that came with three Ruckus ZoneFlex R510 WAP's and a Brocade ICX 7150-C12P switch. Amazon, whom Lennar contracted with to final install/setup all of this provides absolutely no support beyond the initial 90 days after install; i am about 26 months post-install. 

I know just enough about this stuff to screw it all up.  I have an old (~8 years) Cisco cable modem and a fairly new Linksys router.  I have been having issues with extremely slow broadband and my cable company (Cox) is telling me that my modem is going bad and I need to replace it.  Their option for modem will not fit in a smart panel, so I am looking at an Arris SURFoard SBG8300 modem/router combo. 

I know that the slow speeds are probably attributed mostly to the Covid-19 BS and everyone is home using their service, slowing it down for everyone.  Having said that, it probably wouldn't be bad to upgrade my modem anyway. 

Would I just be able to connect everything, use the same SSID and passwords and have everything work?  Is my ignorance making you guys laugh?  Haha.  Any input would be appreciated.

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Hi David

So long as the new router is configured to match your old Cisco unit you will be fine, the SSIDs and everything else will work fine. 

I think your assessment of why your broadband is slow is probably correct, It's difficult to believe that a router is "going bad" and causing performance issues, these things either work or they don't. But if you're on lockdown then a project is probably what you need right now so an upgrade won't hurt.

They said I had too high of a percentage of packet loss during ping tests, and that my modem was the cause. 

So, if I am understanding you correctly, I can get the new Arris modem/router combo, install it in the smart panel and make the SSID's and passwords the same, and everything will work?  Thank you for your response. 

Packet loss during a ping test could be caused by lots of things, including severe network congestion.

The SSIDs are configured on the Ruckus access points so these won't be affected by the router change.

Hi David,

Your existing Ruckus Unleashed wireless configuration will remain same because what you are going to do is just replacing the modem.

As long as ICX switch is getting internet connectivity from your new router, it will still provide the connectivity to Unleashed APs and APs will also still broadcast same SSIDs with same configuration (name and password).

Sharing a basic topology of your current setup would help here.

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