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New Contributor

So we purchased a Lennar “Smart” Home more than 3 years ago…the home is equipped with the Ruckus system and all I know about it is that it works! No literature was left with us. This wasn’t a problem until we recently switched from Spectrum to HTC. When the guys came to connect modem/router they had no idea how to connect with the Ruckus system but after several hours and phone calls they got it hooked up. Not a problem until yesterday I tried to install a new exterior camera which says it needs to be on 2.4 ghz network….it says it has good signal strength but it’s not working correctly. I have 2 questions:

1) How do I know if it’s connecting with 2.4?

2) Is there a basic guid which explains what exactly Ruckus is as well as it’s capabilities and how do I access the unit for setup info?