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We have the ICX 7150-C12P in our Lennar smart house. Which ethernet port do I connect the modem to?

New Contributor

I watched the video but it is not clear which port to connect the modem supplying the internet to.


hi John_Agusta . Thank you. Please post if you get any additions info.

The Ruckus/Commscope engineer did call me and confirmed what I belive, we can connect our mode/router to any of the available 12 ports (POE power over ethernet).

thank you. I connected modem to switch. I unplug the power and plug in both the "switch and modem". Now I see the Lennar Wi-Fi ID and I am able to connect Lennar Wi-Fi. I Believe still I am on the half way to complete the set up. My house has three of R510 Unleashed. Each has different LED status. One is  green flashing, another is solid green with two amber, third one is green and red ( often changing). 

I am googling it to fix