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Unleashed firmware


Hi all,

I see that unleashed firmware has been released if you look on the master AP via the browser. I don't yet see it on the site hence there are no release notes available yet. I succesfully upgraded my 3 ap's (2 x R710 and 1 x R610) to unleashed however 2 AP's (except the master) were having reboot loops. They come online and shortly after they were rebooting again. I flashed back to version Was the release of premature?




Im glad i found this thread (and that sander_groen posted it!) , before attempting to upgrade some of our newer unleashed setups.  will wait/keep an eye on this thread before upgrading (from .202).

for those curious, the only info relevant to from the change-log are these ive pasted below: (btw, to ruckus support: change logs should always be attached to a release before it is made public,  with no exceptions):

Resolved Issues in Build
• Resolved an issue where an Unleashed AP reboots due to memory leakage. [ER-9496]
• Resolved an issue where the client cannot ping the gateway. [ER-9426]

New Contributor

I also am having constant reboots on my R750s and R320 after upgrading. How do indiwngrade to the previous version?  



Was there any official word from Ruckus regarding this? I can still see this crooked version available for download. I guess we shouldn't expect any better with Commscope continuing to destroy/dissolve the Ruckus brand and I wouldn't be surprised if all top devs were gone by now. Sad story...


You may be able to download the previous version of the firmware from Ruckus' website and then upload it via the web UI on each of your APs. I assume that there is probably a different firmware for the R750 and the R320, so make sure you download the right ones.

I did goof one time and tried to update an AP with the firmware from a different model of AP and it refused to apply it, so I don't think you can harm anything if you get things mixed up a bit.

I haven't ever tried to downgrade the firmware on any of my Ruckus APs, so I may be wrong about how you'd do it. Hopefully someone who has downgraded will see your question and give a definitive answer.

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Where can I download it from as a standalone firmware file?