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Unable to manage network via app or IP

New Contributor

Using Ruckus network with 2 APs at home. I think we may have had a power surge overnight that did something to our ruckus network. I got a notification on my phone that it had identified a rogue network that was named the same thing as my xfinity router. When I went into the ruckus app on my phone to troubleshoot, it said it was unable to manage / unable to reach the network . I turned off both the router and the ruckus. Waited 2 minutes. My Plugged the router back in. Waited 2 minutes. Plugged the ruckus back in. And deleted the ruckus app — thinking it could be caching something and causing an issue. Reinstalled the app and now I can’t log back in. So now I can’t see my network at all in the app. When I’m on my phone, I see my wifi network. It seems to be working, but also seems to be slow and intermittent, so that makes me think something isn’t right. I tried going through the on my phone browser and it just spins and never loads. I’d like to be able to log into the app and see my network/APs, but can’t. Any thoughts as to what might have happened/how I can resolve the issue?