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Slow Download Speeds R710 Unleashed

New Contributor
Strange issue with R710 on latest unleashed firmware. Upload speeds consistently incredible on both laptop and phone but downloads even from 5 ft away never go over 200 but stay consistent through 3 thick walls. Speedflex on android shows 550 up 550 down to AP. Iperf reflects results. Cable shouldn't be the problem as I have plugged my laptop on it and gotten the gigabit fiber speeds I should be getting. I have factory reset it countless times set everything to auto and tried manually setting the bands and channel width, am I missing something? Any help would be appreciated.Image_ images_messages_5f91c3fe135b77e24790df97_43e5db9b2eca36b81d35b46dbdb8f876_RackMultipart20190818868831y92-dc568500-96c2-4610-9714-84fb1bdd684c-743324385.jpg1566155318
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That's the problem, there was no mention of what was replaced or replaced by what. Could have been a product replacement ruckus sent and charged Rich $80 for or a possible issue at the modem/router which was replaced and resolved the issue.

Since Rich is telling you about his solution and it worked, thought was a solution you two came up with, but by your response, seem like Rich have given up.

Mr Lee,

I went with another manufacturer. My post referencing the $80 replacements was intended to highlight the severity of Ruckus’ issue. If I can get better performance (and I am) out of an $80 WAP purchased on Amazon, with NO sacrifice in performance or remote management... Then their inconvenient firmware bug affecting a small number of users, is a much bigger marketing issue.

Out of respect for Michael and the forum rules, I won’t post the manufacturer; however, if you’ve reached my level of frustration, a short search on Amazon for WAPs, MIMO, and cloud management will get you close.

Good luck,

Same results here.  We're using an AP that was consumer / cheap 12 years ago and it's still faster in downloads than our new Ruckus Unleashed AP's!

Valued Contributor II
FWIW, I think it's a useful data point to note that in the exact same RF environment, competing/alternate products that are of a similar configuration (i.e. 802.11ac wave 2, 2 spatial streams) are able to perform better. That more calls into question the behavior of the AP rather than the variables around the client and the RF environment.

However, with that said, it's not constructive or helpful to comment about leaving for another vendor over this issue. It seems clear that Michael understands the importance of this issue, but everyone seems to be having difficulty getting engineering to be able to replicate the symptoms.

For me this problem definitely looks worse on TCP and the fewer the simultaneous connections the worse the throughput seems to be. 

Rich, thanks for the tip, did the analysis and there are really quite a lot of cheap cloud solutions on wave 2 on the market, and even with the mesh option. After research I ordered 5 WAPs for a replacement Ruckus.